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Klout, Commercial Value, and the Right of Publicity

See on – Neli Maria Mengalli’s! Space The more influential that Klout thinks you are, the more likely its advertising partners–brands like Red Bull, the vodka makers and the novelist–are to offer you “perks,” or freebies. Neli Maria Mengalli‘s insight: It’s easy to scoff at the idea of quantifying such a nebulous concept […]

2014: Year Of The Open Ecosystem

See on – Neli Maria Mengalli’s! Space The most salient aspect of technology is its power to disrupt. Neli Maria Mengalli‘s insight: Yet the true impact begins not with invention, but adoption.  That’s when the second and third-order effects kick in.  After all, the automobile was important not because it ended travel by […]

The Way to Personal Branding

See on – Neli Maria Mengalli’s! Space Personal Branding is something that a person does to better market themselves and their careers. Neli Maria Mengalli‘s insight: This infographic created by sestyle goes through the whole process step by step to get you on your way to establishing a personal brand for yourself. See […]

An Amazing Timeline Chronicling The History of Social Media

See on – Neli Maria Mengalli’s! Space Most people think  that social media started with the Facebook and Twitter.  Neli Maria Mengalli‘s insight: Web 2.0 technologies which have given rise to such popular  platforms have definitely played a major role in the popularization of social media among ordinary people , however , the […]

Social Media and Best Practices

See on – Neli Maria Mengalli’s! Space We all know that social networks are an integral part of many peoples’ daily life – with the number of social media users around the world has risen 18 percent in 2013 […] Neli Maria Mengalli‘s insight: […] it’s never been more critical for businesses to […]

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